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Take your recruitment advertising strategy to the next level with an AI-enabled talent acquisition platform that gets more intelligent the more it is used. Buy, manage, and track all your recruitment media in one place.

What is programmatic recruitment advertising?

The use of recruitment technology instead of people for buying, placing, and optimizing job ads. Simply put, making sure your job ad is seen by the right candidates on the right sites at the right time and for the best cost per click

Pros of a programmatic advertising campaign:

  1. Save time for your recruiters. Setting up programmatic recruitment advertising campaigns allows your recruiters to do what they do best “recruit” and lets us and our programmatic partner handle the rest.
  2. Manage all recruitment marketing with an overall campaign strategy.
  3. Don’t put all your jobs in one basket, let technology distribute your job to all sites and manage bids
  4. Better understanding of cost per click and cost per applicant, to determine advertising budgets
  5. Data driven ad strategy to help determine budget needed for applicants needed
  6. Better understanding of candidate source
  7. Set budget or applicant caps per job posting, reducing overspend
  8. Prove efficiency and ROI on ad spend
  9. Drive right number of applicants for critical roles and not drown in applicants for lower roles.
  10. Utilize machine learning AI for programmatic, meaning it learns in real time. This is better than an algorithm where you set rules and let things go.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Is my business ready to test programmatic advertising?

If you are spending at least $4K to $5K a month you need to consider programmatic for your recruitment advertising strategy. Why put all your eggs in one basket with one job board? Let programmatic recruitment job advertising diversify your budget and job boards.

Outcomes in Action – Comments from some of our clients.

“Instituted programmatic marketing ad campaigns lowering cost by 30% for field positions.”

“472% increase in applicant volume and 533% decrease in Cost per Applicant.”

“77% decrease in Cost Per Click with programmatic versus posting on a single job board.”

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