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Self Opportunity is not your typical headhunting or executive search company. Our Direct Placement services are a fundamental part of our business. That is why we take a distinctive approach to the search and recruitment of highly qualified, candidates. Five factors define it:

A Detailed Client Review

The Direct Search process begins with a Client Review meeting. Then, during a meeting with your Human Resources Team and/or Hiring Managers, our Recruiters will discuss your expectations regarding the candidates’ qualifications, educational background, required skills, abilities, and competencies, as well as any specific compensation arrangements.

Our Search professionals will work closely with you to pinpoint your criteria for the candidate. In addition, they will offer their insights, perspectives and best practices throughout the process to finalize a Needs Assessment Review for each position.

Establish a Search Strategy

Armed with the completed Needs Assessment Review, our Direct Placement Recruiters will create a thorough search strategy based on the type of position, qualifications and salary level.

Over the past twenty years, Self Opportunity, Inc. has provided placement services for restaurant/hospitality/retail management at all levels, senior-level and executive up to C-level, human resources, procurement/purchasing, real estate and architecture, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, IT/technical, product development, transportation/distribution, warehouse, and many other job functions.

Industries include healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant, oil and gas (energy), technology, government, financial services, manufacturing, and more!

Candidate Identification & Evaluation

With our extensive contact database, referrals, leading recruiting technologies, and advertising campaigns, we have access to the market’s most talented and experienced individuals.

 The Self Opportunity Search Team starts by identifying a ‘hot list’ of the most qualified candidates. With access to our contact database that houses up to 500,000* candidates. In addition to our database, we also consider other search resources based on the level of the specific position.

Our team leverages candidate experience, skills, and cultural fit with Client position specifications during this candidate evaluation phase.

Candidate Interviews

Since the Self Opportunity Search team has experience working on the “Client” side. We know what sets staffing and recruiting companies apart. The key differences are the interview quality and how the interview notes are presented to the Clients.

Once each candidate’s credentials have been assessed, our Search Team will thoroughly interview each candidate. The Candidate’s interest level and alignment with your company culture are also evaluated.

Candidate Presentation

Our Direct Placement team will present you with the highlights and relevant details of the candidate, reasons for leaving recent positions, and salary expectation.

Our Recruiters understand that influencing and selling the Client’s opportunity is crucial during this stage of persuading (courting) the highly sought-after candidates.

The Self Opportunity Search Team has more than 60 years of combined experience in many industries.

Our truly collaborative partnership with over 1000 Clients nationwide is based on a thorough understanding of the Client’s stated criteria and unique points of emphasis.

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